Jun 22, 2011

story time trolley with local author

last night- lucas and i had our 2nd annual story time trolley date in excelsior- nancy carlson a local author has written 61 childrens books to date- doing both writing and illustrations her books are wonderful not only for the little ones but the adults too- thanks to my mom- i grew up reading carlsons wonderful books like- harriet and the roller coaster- harriet and walt- harriet and the garden- and harriet and the halloween candy- it was so exciting for me to bring my 1982 1st edition harriet and the roller coaster for carlson to sign last night :) -

while carlson being my favorite childrens author- i of course turned my child on to her as well- what child wouldnt love the illustrations of a dog, rabbit, guinea pig and more- her stories are all positive for children to learn from- her characters have fears- some have disabilities- among other things- kids are influenced and learn from the challenges they are reading about- i remember feeling the fear harriet had getting on that roller coaster in her book- and at the end- i learned if you do not try something you are afraid of you might miss out on a lot of fun-

the weather held out for our wonderful date last night- after being rained out last week- we took a nice ride down the track and back stopping in the middle of our route for carlson to read 3 books-after the 2nd book was read-  lucas raised his hand and in his sweet little voice "mrs.carlson- do you have any arnie books to read?" arnie being lucas favorite character of carlsons- she did not have one with her- so- lucas borrowed her his- he was more than thrilled- to top it off- she showed the riders on the trolley how she makes her characters- lucky passengers last night- she shared her art work with the families- can you guess what character we came home with? yep- arnie!-

most of carlsons books are taken from her own experiences and that makes it more fun to read- to read more about nancy carlson please visit www.nancycarlson.com to order any of her books please use your LOCAL bookstore to do so- not only is she a great author- she really is a down to earth person to sit and talk with- she visits a ton of schools over the school year- maybe your child will be lucky to meet carlson- she has many awards and recognitions- i promise you will become hooked to her heart felt stories and messages- i hope you can start a tradition in your family with this lovely local author-

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