Jun 14, 2011

nana loves me

the boys and i have been taking a morning stroll lately- lucas on his bike- nolan in his car- today on our way home lucas checked the mail- "a package" he yells " for me- it says lucas" he was so excited- special delivery just for him-
so excited to open it- he couldnt wait- down he went on the driveway and opened it up- from nanas craft shop- ooohhh- this will be fun-
nana made a special pin wheel and put together a package with all the fixings for lucas to make and one to share with noley-

how cute is this- love-

cant wait to get his hands crafting-
here he goes-

tada! pin wheels!!!

calling nana to tell her how much fun he had- both getting the package and making a craft-
thanks for taking the time to make something so special and fun nana-

while going to bed that night- lucas was telling me how he wanted to send a special letter in the mail to someone?? will see who gets it- i know- but i am not going to spoil it- i love how getting this special package wanted to make lucas turn around and do the same for someone else-

kids love to check the mail- they love even more to get a letter- oh heck- dont we all?! its nice to receive something in the mail other than bills- make someones day- send a letter

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