Jun 8, 2011

cookies or dough?

i absolutely love that lucas always shows interest in wanting to bake- if there is a lesson he can learn from me and take away and use in his adult life- i would be a proud momma if he could bake and cook- not only for himself but for his loved ones too- so when the question arrives-mom can we make cookies pleeeese? i know its another opportunity for him to learn-

this time noley oley wanted in on the action- it was a bit of a messy baking session this afternoon- but well worth it- they had a blast- i had a blast- i love watching lucas tell nolan how to bake the cookies!! one egg was broken- a lot of sugar and flour hit the floor and their sweet faces!

im not sure if its the cookies or the dough that lucas gets more excited about- i remember sneaking into the fridge as a little girl and sticking my finger into the goodness of the same chocolate chip dough as we made today- so i understand his impatience to have that batter stick at the end- another sweet memory of my boys enjoying the simplicity of a afternoon indoors

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