Apr 17, 2013

tea bag

my gf is due with her baby boy in a couple weeks... 
I found this little tea bag holder at an estate sale last week-
I got an idea..
She loves tea.... 
a new mom will do about anything to get some sleep after baby comes..
 I had a cup of chamomile tea every night before I would nurse my babies..
it calms them- calms mommy...makes baby sleepy
 I whipped up a sweet little bag- 
tied some tea together 
and tucked her dish in
A little thoughtful something just for her
now..we wait for his arrival!


Apr 9, 2013


I had the opportunity at one time in my life to assist in daily activities and to care for a  sweet, caring and funny lady- she was like a grandma to me- my times with her were too few before she left this earth a year ago- I  loved her and I will always remember her- I am lucky enough to be able to help in the process of organizing her home and have been able to keep some things from her that I will treasure. 

This green linen set... so beautiful!
hilda and herb enjoy their spot on it.
also some perfectly cute embroidered dish towels

Missing you and thankful for our time spent together

Apr 4, 2013

A- line skirt

skirt season is right around the corner- I got this wonderful Amy Butler barcelona pattern last fall at sewtropolis - it sat in my "to do" pile all winter- I thought I better get a move on it so I can actually wear it this summer instead of dreaming about it!

Liberty of London fabric... so dreamy!!
I made a handful of zipper pouches last fall and kept this one a side for me-
how perfect to have with my stink'n cute skirt!

I made the A- line skirt but there are 
two other skirt options with this pattern

I absolutely love how it turned out and it was super easy- I had a little trouble installing the zipper but I got through it- I will be making more- so easy and cute with a tank top and your out the door! Now...warm weather!

-birdie xo