Jan 25, 2013


happy 7th birthday to my-
funny, loving, sensitive, sweet, kind, caring, smart, beautiful boy

you bring more joy and love to my life everyday
i never thought i could love someone as much as i love you

i love you

Jan 20, 2013


so after some wonderful snuggle time with the new baby (they loved the burp rags) i was needing more sweetness to add to the day- nolan and i made a delicious batch of
oh yes- chocolate chip cookies! they didnt smell as good as that brand new baby but they are good- both my boys love to help whenever i pull something out in the kitchen- nolan and i had a fun time- i love having that 1 on 1 time with him- its hard for me to believe i was holding him so tiny three years ago already-

sweet baby
good cookies
loving little boy

what a great Thursday....

Jan 16, 2013

new baby

our best friends from the fire dept had their baby this past weekend- i cant wait to get my hands on him tomorrow when i meet him for the first time. We were not able to visit in the H due to all my boys flu germs... i get him all to myself tomorrow instead- im more than ok with that!!

sweet little baby Tanner these are coming your way tomorrow-
a little fire fighter fabric sewn on burp rags (will get used:)) and wrapped up with bakers twine and a vintage fire card...of course.
love you guys!

Jan 14, 2013

sissy is 40

I am sitting here this morning remembering how my sister and i were once little...
this weekend we celebrated her 40th birthday- this is a new beginning for her as she looks forward to what her 40's will bring and i couldn't be more happy for her!!
happy birthday to my sister- my best friend.  you are beautiful inside and out- i love you more than you will ever know- cheers to your 40's sissy- you deserve the best!