Aug 29, 2011

vacation depression

im back....although i would rather still be on vacation- i had to grocery shop today and do laundry...i also have all the noise from my neighbors remodel- ugh -i want to be back up north- watching lucas jump in the pool- all myself may i add- run after nolan heading up to the lodge and waking up to the sounds of the loons- what a relaxing and wonderful time we had-i want to share more stories and some pics but we came home to a computer that wont even turn on-we figured it was on its way out but not even to turn on to download photos come on-so i am blogging on my droid which really sucks-but i missed it and needed a little fix-so stay tuned once again for photos and new projects- hope you had a wonderful week like i did

i took 400 pics on vacation last week- here are just a few of my favs-
 jen (my sissy) and i's crocheting table for the week-on the porch-looking at leech lake
I finished 2 neck gators and 1 and 1/2 hats- jen finished 2 scarfs and a dog sweater- no pics :(
some of the great events at the family resort-we did them all!
 lucas and E cheering for the turtle races
 E and speedy the turtle
 bumpa time at the lake
 auntie took E and lucas out on the tube-giggles heard all the way back at the beach
 little E water skiing for the FIRST time! go E- she rocked!!
 both my beach studs
 Family group pic 2011
 we found this beach and it was amazing at sunset- the waves were absolutely beautiful- we walked down here 3 different times- it was really peaceful
 me and my sissy- not planned- just goof'n around- it turned out to be one of my favorite shots
big red bump on lucas' forehead--took a face dive while getting him out of the pool- all my fault :(
lucas likes to be very silly- snails anyone? we came home w/only 4- i was shocked..
my sweet boy lucas loves to pick flowers for his momma- i can't even count how many hand picked flowers i have received from him- one special one he picked up from the beach- one for me, auntie and nana-

such a wonderful-fun-family trip- so many new memories made- this is our 3rd trip up to Huddles and we have our cabins booked for next summer- it is such a great family resort- with all of the old works to it- nothing new and fancy-Walker MN- is just a 15mn ride- the boys and i went in one day to play and another day we went in and did a little shopping... i did find myself a VINTAGE piece of LUGGAGE!! $6- score, its blue and in good shape- i will re-due the inside- found a couple other little things too-

we had beautiful weather everyday- we were so lucky! lots of sun and fun- i sure cherish my time up at Huddles- i think the boys tonight are finally back to a normal schedule- kindergarten open house this morning and a bus ride- next week we officially have a kindergartner in our house- time sure flies-i can't believe summer is coming to an end- off to finish up a hat that i will blog about in the next couple days- night-night!

Aug 16, 2011

vintage cameras

 i spent my sunday morning with my buddy nicole- we checked out the local medina flea market on this beautiful warm morning- here are some of the things i came home with-

vintage cameras!!

this one is my favorite-it makes you wonder what kind of memories were made

checking it out

in training

Aug 10, 2011

sock monkey

i figured- i already have two monkeys in the house why not have monkey hats for them-
lucas is sporting the first creation of the sock monkey hat -made by me- last night- the cooler air made me feel like making something cozy- i put the finishing touches on this morning-

i am not ready for the weather that goes along with wearing this hat- the star tribune says- we will have a very cold winter but not as much snow... wait.. did i just day snow? yikes- i better make a summer project tonight!

i did not have a pattern-feel free to go ahead and take this photo to make one of your own- happy crocheting!

btw- i am thinking of putting together a crocheting class for beginners- watch for more info