Sep 11, 2011

bathroom is done!

if you have been visiting my blog- you may have noticed i have been out of the office- not as many DIY projects to show off- well- i have been a busy lady since coming home from vacation- sending my baby off to kindergarten- helping a friend with a huge sale and.... updating our bathroom!!!!!
hello!! LOVE! check it out...
old 50's wood needed a little updating- i am so lame and forgot to take BEFORE pics- so this is what i captured while in the middle of taking down doors, trim, etc..
paint me please- ok!
off to work i went- sanding everything- it was a very messy job
 sanding done
now time to paint
you must buy good paint, a good brush and a good roller
one night i would paint one side of cabinets and doors then the next the other sides- all in all- it took a good 2-3 coats of paint to look really good- the trim was so easy to do- if you are ever thinking about updating trim in your house- super easy job- just make sure you sand down the old stuff very well- to get the best look- don't skip this part- you will be very disappointed-
 got this little cabinet in Walker, MN on vacation- p.e.r.f.e.c.t. for our bathroom- SCORE!!
so- what do you think? the white is lovely isnt it? happy updater over here for sure! it brings such happy life to the bathroom- out with the old in with the new! 10 out of 10 for DIY bathroom make-over!!