May 25, 2012

tshirt scarves

(this one i made the other day off pinterest) 7/5/12)

 these tshirt scarves are everywhere- i was not interested at first- but- i had to say- yes- i have made one- so here it is- and i have to say- it was super fun to make- i might make more-

start with an old shirt
(crafting @ night= horrible lighting for pics)
orginal pin from hellogiggles
 i followed this tutorial- 
orginal pin from hellogiggles
she also has a video link to watch
 hello- yep- i like
so EASY- cute-fun and wearing it out tonight!
i want to add a little something to it- like a pin or... not sure yet- something will come to mind-

I am hosting bitch and stitch this month (tomorrow)
stay tuned for show and tell

have a great holiday weekend

May 14, 2012

summer belt

i am telling you- all i want to do is sew now- the passion for the machine is on full force here- i picked up these great fabrics at the shop in fat quarters- cut them into small strips- and started sewing them together-
after i felt the strip was long enough i put some heavy interfacing and a pattern fabric for the back- stitched up the sides by turning the fabric under and used bias for the tie- which i love- it frays a little and looks super cute-
used a small piece of fabric on both ends to cover the stitching that came together at the ends-
 a few samples of how it looks

 i also wore the bias through my belt loops in the front-
 loved that look a lot
tons of compliments on this-
 i love to dress up my plain wardrobe with color


May 11, 2012

the dress

so this is how the dress was made..
it started with a Amy Butler Pattern:
lotus-tunic and cami
 laying out the fabric with the pattern
 and more cutting
 uff da! that was a whole lot of cutting
(total side note- jods, krissy- does this rug look familiar?) 

after all the cutting the sewing begins! 
a dress and a liner was sewn
liner- me 
sewing on my moms ancient singer...
my liner all finished
 i now give you a

i love how it turned out- it is so much cuter than i had imagined
i love it on- super comfortable
the sewtropolis grand opening was a hit by the way- 
here is a pic of all us employee gals
 (minus one & owner nikol is in the turquoise dress) in our "red dresses" and turquoise tights (store colors) of course- i made flip flops to match

 what a fun time- 
a million thanks to my wonderful-talented momma for all your help- 
it would not have been done with out you- xoxo

are you inspired to make a dress yet?