May 25, 2012

tshirt scarves

(this one i made the other day off pinterest) 7/5/12)

 these tshirt scarves are everywhere- i was not interested at first- but- i had to say- yes- i have made one- so here it is- and i have to say- it was super fun to make- i might make more-

start with an old shirt
(crafting @ night= horrible lighting for pics)
orginal pin from hellogiggles
 i followed this tutorial- 
orginal pin from hellogiggles
she also has a video link to watch
 hello- yep- i like
so EASY- cute-fun and wearing it out tonight!
i want to add a little something to it- like a pin or... not sure yet- something will come to mind-

I am hosting bitch and stitch this month (tomorrow)
stay tuned for show and tell

have a great holiday weekend

1 comment:

  1. Spent the weekend making it look like fall around here. Hard to do when its hot. Oh well it's better than snow. Have a fun and loving week!
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