Mar 24, 2013

Lefton..makes me happy

I was given the most thoughtful gift yesterday from a friend- doesnt it make you feel the best when you know someone really took the time to pick the most perfect gift just for you? Look what I got!! I still cant get over it..
If someone is taking the time to buy me lefton china- they know what I like! This 3 piece set of adorable lefton bunnies came as a thank you hostess gift from my dear friend Sheila. We celebrated her yesterday on the upcoming arrival of baby boy! I was not expecting such a wonderful thank you gift..I freaked out! I stare at them every time I walk buy. Ah, love. Thank you my sweet friend! You know how to make a girl happy!!

Baby shower pics to come- we did a elephant theme, turned out...adorable!

**my sister also gets major credit for helping Sheila find the perfect thing for me!! xo

**the crocheted piece under the bunnies was made by my paternal great grandmother!