Oct 24, 2011

girls weekend

helllo girls weekend! 8 of us enjoyed a crafting weekend in amboy, MN about 1/2hr outside mankato- we left early friday morning making a pit stop in mankato to check out hobby lobby- lets just say i was a bit excited..
here i am! finally visiting a hobby lobby! listen up folks.. this is well worth the stop anytime- they had so much stuff it was unbelievable- hobby lobby rocks!
 off to amboy.. this is the house we stayed at- it was so charming- i never expected the inside to be as wonderful as it was-
 first off- i walked into the kitchen and this was sitting on the island starring at me- i was in love at hello- this bird makes me smile- check out these built-ins...

and more..

this is over the kitchen sink- again-love! after touring the house and picking our rooms- we were off for a little walk into town- now- i am not sure this town has changed much since it was established...
 gas anyone? look at the two old men standing visiting- steppn  back in time-
 besides the antique shop and yarn store (which we did view her plucking her rabbit and spinning its yarn) this was the only other shop to check out- i loved the entrance to her shop- it was so inviting- check out that door-
 jods- striking a pose in front of the tallest thing in amboy
bffs since- well... a long time!
 the crafting crew!
jody and i shared a room on the upper level of the house- we stayed in a room that had two white iron day beds and a wicker dresser- everything was white with pink vintage decor- it was so cozy! this was hanging on our wall- i cant believe i didnt get any other pics of our room- it was really sweet-
 this is where we spent most of our time- what a awesome set-up- we all had our own table and there was also a couch/chair and tv- with a little kitchen area 2- lots of crafting and laughter in this room over the weekend-
 jody taught herself to crochet- she manged to whip up a few hats over the weekend- here is one she made herself- you rock jods- i am so proud of you!
 me- making headbands- besides jods and i- all the girls were scrapbookn- they made such wonderful pages and projects- i was so in awe of their stuff-
jen- made up a little make and take project for us- we all went home with a note pad/frame project-
 how stinkn cute are these? haha
plastic frame turned upside down- decorative paper in the frame- post it and a embellishment- love! thanks again jen- fun 2 have a memento to take home-
 sunday breakfast- i sat here with my coffee and looked at my  the bird- i was so sad to leave him there...he is just the cutest isnt he?? we all packed up after a fun- creative and accomplished weekend- we took one last swing into mankato on the way home.. i found this owl ring- now my weekend was complete!
moms need time away- they need breaks- time with friends and time to get crafting done uninterrupted- i feel so lucky to have had this time this past weekend- thanks to my hunny for keeping things in order so i could enjoy my girls weekend away- 2 the 8 of you i shared this weekend with- thank you! thanks for the new memories- i am already looking forward to next year! xo

**i did come home with a few other treasures... keep checking back for what i do with them!