Sep 19, 2012

doll bedding

a gf of mine had her daughters 5th birthday and american girl dolls kick in at this i am told- on her wish list was a bed for her dolls- i of course wanted to make the bedding for her as her gift- here it is-
the bed has a trundle and comes with a pink and blue sheet- so i made 2 pillows and two blankets- one pink one blue- i had a lot of fun picking out girl stuff and enjoyed making these for her-
wanting to get a pic of the bedding with a doll... this is what lucas picked to put under the covers!! BOYS!!
this is the darling fabric one in pink one in blue and backed it with this sweet purple pin dot fabric- she LOVED it!!!!!! i got oodles of pictures of her playing with it- made my heart so happy that she enjoyed my hand made gift so much!


Sep 12, 2012

a blanket for my littlest big one

i am back! i feel like this past year i have taken these big breaks from my blog- the blog is my hobby and family and other stuff does come first- so i took the rest of the summer to enjoy with the kids and well just enjoy the rest of summer-

we had a wonderful vacation up to leech lake at the end of august- we were gone for a week and we always have the best time- sometimes at night you need just a little extra blanket to keep warm so i decided lucas was up first for a new light weight blanket to have on those chilly mornings at the cabin and for the upcoming fall weather- dont you just love watching your kids cuddled up on the couch in the morning with a little blanket...hmm my favorite!

off i went on a hunt for the perfect fabrics for lucas- i scored in one night of shopping- his favorite color is orange- he totally is becoming a boy and doesnt want any baby stuff so i felt these were the perfect colors and it all came together so well-
i just did a easy block quilt and backed with some cotton- a simple stitch around the edge and i was done- like i said its nice and light weight but still cozy!
he LOVED it! 
not only did i feel so lucky to find the perfect fabric for the front i also found the perfect fabric for the back that night too! music notes.. if you know my lucas he loves his music! it was really just the perfect little quilt for my littest big one-