Sep 19, 2012

doll bedding

a gf of mine had her daughters 5th birthday and american girl dolls kick in at this i am told- on her wish list was a bed for her dolls- i of course wanted to make the bedding for her as her gift- here it is-
the bed has a trundle and comes with a pink and blue sheet- so i made 2 pillows and two blankets- one pink one blue- i had a lot of fun picking out girl stuff and enjoyed making these for her-
wanting to get a pic of the bedding with a doll... this is what lucas picked to put under the covers!! BOYS!!
this is the darling fabric one in pink one in blue and backed it with this sweet purple pin dot fabric- she LOVED it!!!!!! i got oodles of pictures of her playing with it- made my heart so happy that she enjoyed my hand made gift so much!


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