Apr 9, 2013


I had the opportunity at one time in my life to assist in daily activities and to care for a  sweet, caring and funny lady- she was like a grandma to me- my times with her were too few before she left this earth a year ago- I  loved her and I will always remember her- I am lucky enough to be able to help in the process of organizing her home and have been able to keep some things from her that I will treasure. 

This green linen set... so beautiful!
hilda and herb enjoy their spot on it.
also some perfectly cute embroidered dish towels

Missing you and thankful for our time spent together


  1. How beautiful your friend must have been to have made such a sweet and lasting impression in so short a time. I'm sorry you didn't have years and years with her, but how blessed you were--and always will be--to have had her in your life. ♥ Thoe green-edged linens are so dear too!

  2. Adorable dish towels! Happy Saturday!
    xoxo Carly