Jun 5, 2011

smells and memories

yesterday morning i got to spend time with my sweet friend jody and our adorable children- we decided to meet at orono schools and let the kids play on the playground- i have not been up to the grounds of my old school in years- i was excited to show lucas where i went to school-he understands the meaning of elementary school and likes to hear stories about how mommy- jojo and krissy met there-  i cant believe we will be sending our kids off to kindergarten in just 4 short months-

as we were walking over to the elementary school- visions of tetherball-the metal dome and wooden playground filled my mind- i was excited- but as we walked around the corner i saw all that I had remembered was gone- for sure outdated and probably dangerous these days- instead filled with colorful new playground equipment- colors that attract the eyes of kids in this generation- the only old thing standing were the swings- jody and i stood there to reminisce- i couldnt believe that our children were playing together in the very same spot we had grown up together- now they were laughing- climbing and making new memories for themselves-

curious i peaked in some windows and looked at the old structure of the school standing in front of me and let my mind wonder back to the old school days- right then it hit me- an overwhelming smell that brought me into the school and back again to being little- jody also smelled it- i didnt even have to say a word she new what I was smelling- coming from an old vent was the old library book smell- the same smell was how I remember school-

as pictures do- smells do the same amazing thing- brings our minds back to a place we may have forgot and then we get to remember- remember the innocents of childhood- remember where i met my two life long friends- i had no idea when we planned our play date that i would walk away with such emotions yesterday- what an amazing morning


  1. Hi there friend! Great first post. There are many scents that take me back in time too. So cool.
    Can't wait to see how your new blog takes shape.
    :) - JH

  2. i like the stream of consciousness style - it is very faulkner and frey-ish :) love you