Jun 27, 2011

blanket or bag

this morning the boys are snuggled up watching a movie- another day with no sunshine- they both have colds and are not feeling well- so- i am posting this blog from last monday-when they were feeling well and excited about their trip to the library with their new bags- happy monday- hope you are feeling well today-

i have had this airplane fabric around for 5+ years- at the time i got it- i was hoping to make a quilt for a friend who was having a baby with an airplane themed nursery- well-never got around to it- i am glad- it is perfect for our sweet boy nolan to have something made out of it- then - lucas had his fabulous beatles themed 5th birthday party this year- i was on the hunt for all things beatles for his party- i came across this great beatles fabric and i used it for a table cloth- what to do with it now?- make something for lucas of course!

here they are- so easy to put together-

if you want directions on how to make a book bag like this- please ask- i am going to skip the blog details here today- i wanted to mostly show off how cute the boys are at the library 

enough photos mom- lets go
i love how nolans is 1/2 his size- made me giggle watching him walk with it

the search is on- fill up those bags-

i think the boys enjoyed having bags to stash in that they didnt have to share- made it much easier to leave the library with the massive amount of books we bring home-
yeah! for new book bags- pat on the shoulder for me- the mom :)


  1. I know how these little boys love to go to the library. The new bags are wonderful Harriette!