May 23, 2014


Fairy gardens are popping up all over. I went along with a friend to get her daughter a fairy for her garden and ran across a few things I could use for one of the many bird houses I have around the yard! This makes me happy.
This week..
One boy done with school
Just days for the other boy
Our school count down chain
Patiently awaiting our beach days!
These Coca-Cola boxes came home with me on a recent road trip. I've been wanting one for a long time. 

I have my crochet granny squares to blog and a refinished bed to show you too.
I'm trying to get back in the swing here!

We are taking the summer off from house hunting and selling to enjoy our home and will get back to business late August on all that. The weather has been perfect the past couple days and I am enjoying playing outside with the boys and getting my hands dirty in the gardens. 

Hope all is well blog friends!



  1. Hi Harriette!! Your little house and flag bunting is so cute for a fairy garden! Looks like a very little happy place!! :) Yay for school being and almost done! Love the Coke boxes, those are fun to have for many things! Wishing you a lovely and Happy Memorial day weekend!! xo Holly

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