May 27, 2014

Jenny Lind bed

This Jenny Lind bed belonged to my Maternal Grandparents. Its been Waiting for someone to love it...I finally took the project on. Wanting a fun, old bed for the big boys room, this would be the perfect fit.  This is what it looked like when it arrived on my turf.

After HOURS of sanding
I wish I could say this is a nice tan line but its a "sanding dust" line
Messy job
Then the spray paint started..4 cans later of espresso brown
Ta da!! Look at that beauty!!
My big boys room
The funny thing, I had both the box spring and mattress on and it was so thick! It went up to the foot board, covering how beautiful the bed was. So only a mattress for this type of bed. They made things a bit thinner back in the day I guess.
I am giddy on how it turned out. I love it. The big boy does too. He was also very smiley when he saw his Smokey the Bear decor all put up on his shelf.  We have added a few new things he hadn't seen up yet. I love how this boy likes this "style" and lets me decorate with no fuss. Big Smokey fan. So sweet.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. I just love old bed frames!! Yours turned out so wonderful, and a perfect color for a boy's room!! :) What a great transformation!! :) xo Holly

  2. So sweet it is and turned out!! xo Heather

  3. It's gorgeous! Updating furniture is the best. What a score. XO

  4. Our first bed was a Jenny Lind! It was a full size. Hubs was a firefighter so we a few fun smokey pieces, too. The vintage smokey was the best!