Apr 5, 2014


I truly cant believe I have not been on my blog since Valentines day...weep weep..
7 weeks ago I woke up to a normal morning. Until I went to open the cupboard. There it was before my eyes our ceiling dripping with water. I turn and look around and see water filled in the light fixture, water dripping in the entry and so on... since that day. We had to completely move our house into a POD, we lived in a hotel for 3 weeks. Our whole house had been damaged from ice damns.
St.pattys day
They took our cupboards down, took ceilings down..pulled out wet insulation. Then we found out we had asbestos ceilings on top of it. So that had to be taken care of as well. Anyway long story short.. 7 weeks later we are back in. Guess what?? the house goes on the market next month. Not how I had hoped to spend my last few months in our sweet home but I am glad the problem is fixed for the new owners. Ugh. It still exhausts me but the kids had a blast swimming every day at the pool. I started a sunburst granny square afghan (pictures soon) lucas lost his two front teeth, a pancake maker for breakfast every morning and I didnt have to cook or clean!
Spring break plans were adjusted and we had a fun stay-cation with the boys
Fire museum
Izzys ice cream parlor
Lego land, Nickelodeon universe & the Easter bunny

Oh we had a little snow storm Friday..we made the best of it!
I really have missed my blog and you all. I hope to get back on schedule!!
I will be living through all of your wonderful Easter posts. No decorating here this year which feels super weird, its just to much to unpack and pack back up at this point in the game for me.

Happy Spring!



  1. Hi Harriette!
    I've been wondering about you! So sorry to hear about the ice damns! That's terrible. But it sure sounds like you guys made the best of things and got through it. I haven't really been blogging either. I've tried to get back into it, but my RA is really bad right now so I'm just not in the mood.
    Hope all goes well with getting the house sold and your move/etc!
    Stay in touch- Erica :)

  2. Well that stinks! Happy to hear, though, that you had so much fun family time:)

  3. WOW! Bummer about the house :( but, it could make the house sell quicker! Your staycation looks like fun. No house work for 3 weeks, not so bad! Have you found a new home???
    I hope business picks up for everyone. It's the sale weekend in Hopkins, that might help.

  4. So sorry about your house! But, glad you are doing well! Happy Spring! xo Heather