Feb 6, 2014

more valentine

Valentine oh valentine
 how we love to make valentines

I loooove those little hands
I loooove that 1st grade handwriting

Then I took these recycled chocolate boxes 

and made these

It was fun delivering them this past weekend
February is such a fun month

Working on both boys Valentines parties
Will be love filled!



  1. Such sweet pictures! Love your Valentine's!! :) Wishing you a lovely weekend!! xo Holly

  2. Adorable! I bet you have so much fun with your boys, Harriette! Yes, that 1st grade writing is pretty darn cute!
    Hugs-Erica :)

  3. You're so lucky to get to craft with those little boys ~ and those chubby little hands! Love your chocolate boxes and your vintage planter girl too:)

  4. Your blog is so cute! Love all the valentine goodies you made, especially the boxes. Thanks for your visit, I'm a new follower!

  5. Such a fun post. I love Valentine's Day too. I like reading your blog because it is refreshing (and vintage!) and it brings back such good memories of when my kids were little.