Jan 17, 2014

what a beauty

Hi friends! I finished up this beauty at sewing club this month. Ready to show her off. I really love how she turned out. I feel like my embroidery is improving. Still need to practice and make more projects.

I can picture her in a ladies bathroom, wouldn't that be fun...
maybe in our new house..who knows??!!

Here she is all framed up!

Work at the shop tomorrow, have a cub scout event and then having dinner with our new Richfield family (firefighters) they have invited us for dinner. Shea is having a great time this first week at his new job. They even have a fire pole they use! He said he went down at least 30 times yesterday :)

Enjoy your weekend and any crafts or decorating you are up to!


  1. Nice job on the lady! I hope to embroider again some day.

    How fun to belong to a sewing club. I'd love to hear more about it.

    I showed my irmi switch plate on my Cutie Pie facebook page and it was a big hit!

  2. Love your sweet lady!! And love her in the frame too!! I hope to learn how embroider sometime soon, it just adds such sweet little details to things! Have fun at the dinner tomorrow night!! And a wonderful weekend!! xo Holly

  3. She is beautiful and loved her in the frame! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

  4. It was so fun to see you yesterday too! Nice surprise to my day! Cool, that there is a real firepole! I think it would be fun to go down it!
    Maybe we will do an Easter make and take!

  5. Oops, nice job on your lady and see looks pretty in the frame.

  6. Hey lady! My Mom's 3 bedroom rambler, 2 minutes away from the fire station is for sale! We moved her out the end of Oct and then did some updates. Email if you are interested, I'll send you the link!

  7. Love your lady and she looks great in her golden frame!