Oct 28, 2013


Kids have been in an artfully good mood lately which makes me excited!

Paper plate pumpkins for the front door

Some pumpkin carving...
I just adore the faces they create on the pumpkin.
Did I tell you we have a handsome little Cub Scout? 
I'm so proud!
A couple things I have made this month
Crocheted hat in our school colors and the "M" for Minnetonka
Added a little fabric heart to the elbows of an old sweater.

Apples in a Pyrex bowl..just because.

Sissy had a Halloween party this past weekend..
this is a peak at what I wore.
Let me tell you, I felt so in my element in that poodle skirt! 

Happy Halloween!


  1. Such fun photos!!! :) Hope you have a happy new week! xo Holly

  2. Awh! I just love the fun and joy of Halloween for little kids:)