Oct 10, 2013

more birthday celebration!

My birthday weekend continued....
My mom gives the.best.gifts.
First, for real? Lefton Birdie Sugar bowl....now I have the sugar/creamer pair...happy dance!!
Sooo cute you are, little birdie!!
If that didn't just make my heart skip a beat already...Hold on to your hats!!
This face says it all..SHOCKED!! I still cant believe it. Never, I mean never did I ever think I would own this for my collection....ready??!!
Yes, oh yes!! Are you kidding me...the COOKIE JAR!!!!! She is beautiful, simply perfect. I cant even stand it, she is mine!!!
Here are the two pieces I got together
My collection, minus the cookie jar. 
In the Spring I will do a fun display with all of them together.

Ok, so not only does my mom give the best gifts, my sissy does too!
Vintage Christmas? Yes please. Anytime, anywhere!! I am in love with this santa and sleigh combo. The sleigh is velvety and santa even has a whip! Vintage decoration at its finest, I may say.
Thank you Mom and Sissy for the most wonderful, perfect gifts you picked for me. Its so fun and giddy to get gifts from people that truly know what you love.
The lunch, the cake and everything about the day was wonderful!!

Not only did we celebrate me we celebrated my sweet, funny, daring, goofy and lovable Mr.Nolan. Nolan was born 3 weeks early. He hands down has been the best birthday gift ever. He turned 4 on Monday.
I love you little guy!
On Monday he had a little party with 5 friends. 
This was his requested fire truck cake of  course!

This coming weekend I have a whole night of crafting planned..
Stay tuned!

xo -birdie


  1. Eeeks! Congratulations! I think you feel the same way about your bluebirds as I do about my lefton Miss Priss!

  2. Absolutely adorable and sweet!! Such a treasure to have!! Happy Birthday to your sweet son, too! xo Heather

  3. Get out!!! You are such a lucky duck! Your sis and Mom are great gift givers. You'll enjoy these things for years to come. Did you already tell the boys that this cookie jar will never ever hold cookies??? lol
    Erica :)

  4. I didn't know the bluebird came in a cookie jar. How cute is that!! Happy birthday to you and your little guy!

    xo Danielle

  5. Happy late birthday! I had to buzz by when I saw your cute little image at Old Glory Cottage. Love your bluebird treats! I never see those, but now, of course, I'll start to notice them everywhere. So, I'm so glad to find you and I'm your newest follower!

  6. That cookie jar is to die for!!! Can't wait to see it in all of its glory come Spring.