Sep 15, 2013

the doll

This little doll was calling my name at the flea market- literally. I saw her, walked away, came back...repeat 3 times! She has the sweetest face- I couldn't leave her.

This is officially the first doll I have ever bought myself.
I just love her. Her name is Nora.

She is all washed up, happy as can be. Me too!

xo -birdie


  1. She's so cute!! I'm glad you decided to get her! I bet she loves her new home! :) Happy Sunday! xo Holly

  2. She is really cute. I can see why you couldn't pass her up!

  3. She's one of the cutest dolls I've seen! Love her lips! I'm glad you brought her home. I haven't been to the flea in several weeks. Booo Hoo! :( I miss it!
    Hope you're having a relaxing Sunday.
    Erica :)

  4. She is adorable. You are lucky she was still there for you when you went back to get her. Glad she was.

    xo Danielle

  5. OMG!! Love her!I can't believe YOU bought a doll. Nice find, she is adorable. I'm glad nobody snatched her before you could go back and get her.

  6. Nora is beautiful! You did the right thing in bringing her home. I am sure she is very happy too!

  7. Your doll is just lovely! I'm glad you bought her for yourself! ;)
    I'm the same way with my kids, all I do is kiss them! Haha
    Happy weekend! New follower!
    Xoxo Carly