Dec 19, 2011


my sister had emailed me this pic off etsy last spring... how cute is this??

this year i made a majority of christmas gifts- i know its seems silly to make an easter decoration for a christmas gift- but it didnt matter -it was the perfect gift-

(etsy photo)

my sister earned a huge gift this year.. she is the best sister!!- so- what do i get her that is so special or shows the love and appreciation? well- a hand made gift- she would love that! 

so as i was brain storming ideas for her i came across the felt birds- aha! jens gift- i can make this- plus i looove working with felt so it was really fun for me to make-

wire, felt, floss, needle and a little stuffing
not a bad reproduction huh?

love you birdies

 i am pretty sure she loved them too!

i love being able to re-create something- who needs a pattern?!?
what hand made gifts did you make this Christmas?

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  1. I do LOVE them. They are so cute! Can't wait to hang them this spring :) I love you too.