Dec 3, 2011

not mine- but oh- how i wish!

i spent my saturday night relaxing- enjoying all my cozy christmas decorations and checking out new things on pinterest- when i came across a blog from a craft that i had clicked on- this blog is hands down-right up my alley- it caught my eye and sucked me in for a while- she writes about.. her home- her boys- photography- her farm- recipes and more! she got my imagination rolling.....

i have mentioned someday wanting to have a vintage sale- well really- i dream about having a big red yummy barn that i can set up 2 craft and re-due furniture and have the front as a shop for people 2 come drool over goodies that i have for sale or 2 just come and dream about-  well here @ Meadowbrook farm i found more than the barn that is in my dreams- she has the worlds most sweetest vintage decor/kitchen- recipes and gardens... ooh and did i mention her barn?? what about the land she gets 2 walk on and her photography is amazing!! i am sharing a few of my favorite things from her blog.. there were so many but here are just a few...
 this looks like the most amazing-peaceful and fun place to live-

seriously? is this for real? there are no words for how much i am in love with this kitchen- check out the flowers outside that window!!

i can imagine myself picking fruit from my garden and having it displayed like she did

but then i would need my bestie over to bake...
  we could enjoy her goodies on this.....

porch swing- with the most lovable fabrics or sit and chat by the...
that's right.. the water..

i have on many occasions told shea that someday i want to live on a farm... a non-working farm- there is something about a barn and the old memories that are within- i must have some old soul in me- my dad had a farm house for a while that had a big red barn and i still think about it-

after the fire dept is behind us someday i think shea would enjoy the peace and relaxation of a cozy little farm house...i sure know i would! until then i will just keep dreaming and live through this blog to get my fix-

a couple other things i just loved on her blog for christmas-

to check her out-

enjoy! birdie

all photos taken from meadowbrookblogspot


  1. My are these some beautiful pictures.I love them..:)

    Great blog by the way..:)


  2. Oh my- those pillows on the porch swing are right up my alley! ♥

  3. Oh my- those pillows on the porch swing are right up my alley! ♥