Dec 15, 2011

kisses- kisses

i am not sure why this year i am not dancing around with excitement that christmas is right around the corner- b/c i usually am- actually i think i am a bit annoying with christmas cheer most years- maybe its the lack of snow...

any who- my little big guy has been begging 2 bake some christmas cookies- how do you turn that down right? so we turned the christmas music on and we went 2 town baking...(my favorite christmas cookie) this grinch is doing one cookie baking session only this holiday season so might as well make what i love! and the kid will eat anything as long as it has sugar- so were good!

baking means- lucas is busy- mixing-baking and sneaking in (see below).. i am watching and cleaning up- he is going 2 make some lady so happy someday! (pats on the back)

i caught these little hands in candy bowl more than once and it wasnt to decorate the cookies!

 peanut butter kiss cookies
 and some kisses for mommy of course!!

soooooooooooooooooo yummy!!

 right out of the oven- nothing better!

we had so much fun- i love watching how interested he is in learning- its nice 2 spend that special time with just him- thank you lucas for getting me in the christmas spirit yesterday with your enthusiastic ways!  you are the sweetest boy! kisses!!

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  1. I hope Lucas saved some of those for me! My favorites <3