Jul 10, 2011

sunday scissors

i had a little time to craft today- when i went into my hide out space i wondered what i would create- i wanted to make something i could finish-(haha my sister is laughing right now..b/c i am known to want it now/do it now)  i figured i had about 45mn until someone was looking for me- i was opening my drawers where the felt lays- hmm- felt today? yes! i absolutely love working with felt-so i went to grab a pair of scissors to start creating and it came to me- a safety cover for my scissors- or will just say- a cute cover instead of safety- here it goes-
i picked the colors of felt i was going to use- then- i got the DMC thread that would match- a needle and scissors to do the job as well- you need sharp scissors to cut the felt nicely-
I cut out 2 pieces of brown felt- making sure the scissors would fit-

then i cut out my blue bird (no pattern) just cut as you want it- then after i had all my pieces cut- i took the thread and started stitching-stitch your picture on first then the two pieces of felt together- it went super fast- i used all 6 strands so the stitching would stick out-

ahhh! blue bird- arent you so cute! i am so glad you are mine-what a lovely way to spend my 45mn alone-looking at my birdie :)


  1. Yeah, these are stinking cute!

  2. Oopps that was from me. Jayne