Jul 28, 2011

mom challenge

i saw this on a blog that I visit often and found it to be so thoughtful that i wanted to share it with you-
isnt it true? another day passes that is another day closer to our babies leaving home someday- it makes tears well up in my eyes to think that someday my house will be 2 quite- i wont have someone needing me everyday- i wont hear the giggles, the fighting and the wonderful stories of  imagination from my beautiful children-some of my favorite parts of the day are when lucas insists on a morning kiss- when nolans morning hair makes me giggle-when lucas asks to hear stories from when i was little- hearing nolans voice starting to make new words- our play time together and watching my boys as their brotherhood bond grows- but when my children are sleeping and i sneak into give them that one last kiss at night- as i stare at their sweet sleeping little faces- i think how lucky i am- lucky to have such- healthy- happy- creative-playful little boys- this is my gentle reminder to give a little more- and each day remember these simple little things that make life such a joy-

i will be printing a copy of this- to get yours  Go to iMom to print out your own copy.

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