Jul 6, 2011

slippers anyone?

this photo is from the etsy site-

bought my pattern for the oma house slippers for 5.50 off etsy- i got my pattern within 12 hours- i was off the next day to joanns to get the new yarn to start my version of the oma house slippers-
sewing club is the first sunday of each month for the past 8 years now- this sewing club sunday i got to enjoy making my new slippers on the patio with the sun shinning down on me and the beautiful view of the lake-

the pattern was very easy to follow-
my first slipper finished- as you can see- i changed the color pattern from what she had- i wanted a border-
 i love how it turned out- but i needed to add one more thing-

yellow flowers!
finished product-
they fit perfect- i just love them-

you can get the Oma House slipper pattern here- http://www.etsy.com/listing/62872279/oma-house-slippers-pdf-pattern-sizes-3

i think i might take orders for christmas gifts- if you are interested- i have not set a price yet-


  1. i have been wearing these every night- i lovvve them!

  2. I want a pair!! I need new slippers soooo bad!!

  3. These are so CUTE! Love the grey ones with the yellow flower, 2 of my fave colors!