Jul 16, 2012

picture of my week

someone introduced me to a lovely blog called soulemama (thanks melanie):) i just fell in love with her blog- if you know me- there is a ton of stuff on her blog that calls me- things i would love to do- things i would want to share with my children- i love all of her photos and i am taking a idea from her- she takes a photo and posts it- doesnt say anything about it just lets people look and imagine she calls it "this moment" so here is my moment of the week- i am going to share a blurb of what the picture means to me- so that will be different-

these are my boys- i love them just the way they are- precious-sweet- lovable- funny-naughty-whinny-hungry-cute little boys- they are the light of my life- i love listening to lucas sing songs in the distance and hearing his joke of the day- and nolan spraying his pretend fire hose and watching his blonde hair fly in the wind- their giggles make my heart happy- these are my silly boys-

thank you soulemama for the inspiration- i take so many pictures but rarely ever just stare at one and think about how happy the moment makes me- 


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  1. Melanie FaulhaberJuly 18, 2012 at 7:10 AM

    Thanks for mentioning me on your blog! I am so glad you like Soulemama, I check in everyday and really like it too.
    What a great idea for the lamp, I like how you re do things so cute and inexpensive.