Jul 31, 2012

lanesboro- decorah

a weekend away- does the body good!
(even with kids:))
 (e and Lucas)
my mom-carl-jen-eleanor-lucas and i all took off early friday morning for what was a fantastic weekend away! little nolan stayed home with dadddy- it gave me some one on one time with Lucas which i treasure more and more these days since my time is always divided between the two boys- we headed off to destination lanesboro, MN. with of course- some stops on the way!

i made a new sewing machine cover the other night that has pinks and greens so i thought it was only appropriate to start collecting green vintage buttons to match- here is the stash i came home with (happy face)
also- came home with a collection of PERFECT condition birdie glasses at a small price of $3 each.. yes- i am serious.. how cute?!?! (LOVE face)
after making it down to lanesboro and getting checked into our loft that over looks the river we did some walking around town- first stop- the kids sitting with their great, great, great uncle otto moe- he had a grocery store in lanesboro in this spot where the bench now sites- the store is gone but there is the most wonderful- sweet little diner- more on that below..

the kids eating breakfast in the diner- 2 eggs and toast for $2- really? and the service by val and the cooking by her husband gordon- this two person diner is a must eat if you around town! we ate here both mornings- as the kiddos ate- i sat and dreamed of all the small town easy life wonders and i gazed at these beautiful flowers in the jadeite vase- how lovely...
(taken with instagram)
after breakfast we were off to decorah, iowa for the nordic fest!!
a couple stops on the way- 
stumbled across 6 old machines with original cases in an old barn
(taken with instagram)
if this picture doesnt make you smile you have issues- my cutie boy enjoying himself at the nordic fest! -little norsk- we saw nordic dancers- the museum- plenty of bunads- food- flags and of course the fire station-

after a good old.. no-no- i mean the BEST lutheran church basement dinner we headed down for a street dance- it was so much fun watching all the luther college kids dancing (real dancing) and all the families laughing and enjoying themselves- i know we did!
a fun view of the streets of nordic fest!
i am so proud of my norwegian heritage and so thankful to my mom who has introduced us to all the fun we have had over the years at nordic fest and all that goes along with it- i am happy to have shared it with lucas this year!

so it goes with out saying we brought projects to work on at night- i got most of my hedgehog embroidery done- isnt he cute?! he will be in the window at sewtropolis soon!

a fun-relaxing weekend was had by all! lucas was sad last night at bedtime- he wanted to be back in lanesboro- i felt the same- i love that little town-


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  1. Had a wonderful time! Especially at the street dance.