Jul 10, 2014

teaching my boys about life

Did anyone tell me being a mom would be hard, challenging, rewarding and full of love? Maybe, but I sure have learned, experienced-felt, and taken it all on....

We have fun, man, we have fun!!.. at the end of the day when I lay these sweet boys to sleep we talk about our day, heavy stuff, light stuff, real stuff...what we enjoyed. How did it make us feel. I want my babe's to understand feelings, of joy, sorrow and contentment. Keep it open, I want them to trust me, trust us.

Being a mother is more than I ever thought it would be. I'm full. Full of love they give me with each "blue"kiss full of "watch me mom" I'm proud. I'm excited. I'm overjoyed. My life is full of love for these beautiful children I've created.
So everyday I try to teach them things, whether they think I'm mean, bossy or don't like it, someday they will Thank me. Thank me for showing them they need to work to accomplish something, Help to feel good, respect themselves by owning, loving, enjoying and respecting their things and others. That kindness goes all the way. Being helpful to others will go full circle and to play, smile laugh and have fun.
And in the end I am hopeful I did the greatest thing I could ever do, be a great mom, they respect, love and have the most memorable memories of me.


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  1. Such sweet pictures! I love strawberry picking! We went a few weeks ago! :) They are such memorable moments too, I remember my mom and dad taking me and sis when we were little, I think back to those memories and treasure them :)

    Have a great weekend!!
    xo Holly