Mar 6, 2012

sewing sunday

first sunday of every month i have sewing club- we meet at my moms house- my mom is always up 2 something on sewing sunday- this month the theme was aqua! all i have 2 say is- CUTENESS.. not only does she always seem to find the cutest treasures- she displays them in a way you just want 2 drop everything 2 stare- this woman has talent i tell you- she has an eye for great things and she can sew- fix and create things most people only dream of- i am glad i got most a sliver of her talent! :)

here is the buffet she had set up in the "aqua" decor

aqua bowl w/mints- aqua masons- aqua ribbon- aqua tea cups- aqua yarn- aqua vase- aqua buttons- aqua wooden kitty (holds matches) all vintage and yummy! aqua-aqua-aqua!

she also made us all dish cloths with yellow and aqua and put the flower of the month daffodils in them- also had daffodils on the table too!
is she just unbelievable or what? it was so cute i can't even stand it- the pictures DONT do justice for the cuteness it was-
 sewing bird
she even crocheted little jackets for these candles- :)
and then- when i thought the day was complete with cozy sewing aqua
my sister surprises me with....
a camera strap!!!!
is it my birthday? nope- she just loves me-
or was tired of hearing me ask for one :)
honestly- best.sister.ever.
a little pocket for my lens cap to hang out while i am busy shooting- 
 check out the cute vintage red button- anyone jealous yet??
she got way more then a sliver from my mom-
 this girl oozes talent- you should see the things she makes-
   she didnt stop at sewing- she added some hand stitching of course- xoxo
 lucas took these- a little blurry- but needed some action shots!
  thanks again sissy- LOVE it more than you know!!
i only got one wash cloth done at sewing- but i learned a new stitch- the V stitch- displayed on this lovely vintage table cloth with the owl glass-
fun day indeed!                             -birdie


  1. What a fun time! Yes, I am jealous. I want to join in! I love everything! Thanks for sharing your sewing club festivities with us.

  2. Both, I love you and I was sick of hearing about it ;)