Jan 8, 2012

the entry

hello! happy sunday- i am here to post the entry make-over for you all to see- so here it goes-
before pictures of the entry-
 this is a 1950's house

 my little helper
i never realized how dark our house was- back in 06' we did a complete gut on the kitchen and so the new white kitchen broke up all this dark wood- now that its white i can't believe how long we lived like this... yuck.
dont get me wrong- original wood work is beautiful- but i am much more into the updated look for this house!

and...............................................wait.. are you ready???.....

so yummy- right? i love the door color- i love the rug and i also love this little extra decor piece i made to match the entry-
  i made him too but not for the entry :)

picked up this frame for cheap and sprayed it- used scrap book paper- sanded and painted the "c" the green from the rug- a little hot glue and it was finished-

so what do you think?
do you think i should spray the baskets on the shelf?

take a peek here at the kitchen nook before and after-

 the dark wood again- this is the only before pic i have :(

 the updated kitchen nook
i painted this door the same as the entry- i just love how it stands out against the white trim- ( boy do i need something on that table)
 i have been a busy gal- i am moving on to the next room! hope you enjoyed!



  1. Looks great!! What a difference, looks so fresh. Love it.

  2. Looks great! I love it!

  3. And I thought your entry was cute before, amazing job! did you do all the painting yourself?! I know how much work that is!!

    1. Thanks Danielle! I did do all the painting!
      I might offer some free advertising on my site- im still thinking it through and working on details-would love to have your stuff on if your interested? I get about 350-400 hits a month.